Transformers / Inductors / Magnetics
Camtech provides high quality transformers, inductors and magnetics to support a wide range of applications including computer, medical, communications and industrial electronics. All components manufactured are process controlled within an ISO9001 registered facility. This, combined with an extensive knowledge of the products, assures our customers that every electrical, dimensional and visual requirement is met.

Some of the applications Camtech supports are:
• Current Transformers
• High Frequency Power Transformers
• Low Frequency Power Transformers
• Low Height Power Transformers
• Common Mode Filter Inductors
• Isolation
• Differential Filter Inductors
• Power Inductors
• High Temperature Magnetics
• Magnetic Amplifiers
• Electronics Ballasts
• Hall Effect Devices
• Ferrites
• Toroids
• EMI/RFI Common Mode Filters
• Thyristor or SCR Protection

If you are seeking support regarding research, design, or production, Camtech can help.