Power Supplies

The term Power Supply is usually confined to describe electrical or mechanical energy supplies. Constraints that commonly affect power supplies are; the amount of power they can supply, how stable their output voltage or current is under varying load conditions, whether they provide continuous power or pulses, and their physical size. If these are some of the challenges you are facing regarding your power supply requirements, let Camtech help.



Camtech offers a wide variety of high-performance power supplies and converters that include:

• OEM/ODM switching power supplies
• AC/DC switching adapters
• Wallmount > 1.0W - 24W
• Desktop > 5.0W - 150W
• Converters
• Open frame switching power supplies (3.0W - 120W)
• PC switching power supplies (120W - 450W)
• Car chargers



Our Power Supplies are offered in a wide range of output power ratings and case sizes to meet your design requirements. We can also support the development and manufacturing of your custom power supply requirements.

All processes are managed within strict quality guidelines, and all materials and components are inspected at each stage of production. All finished products are inspected and tested thoroughly before they are packaged. Finished product is built to meet the following Standards and Approvals:

Please contact our knowledgeable sales personnel and ask how Camtech can provide your power supply solution with superior quality at a competitive price.