Plastic Injection Molding

Camtech provides custom plastic components that meet  your plastics design and manufacturing requirements.  

Engineered plastic materials technology is advancing at a rapid pace, allowing companies to take advantage of the improved cost and performance attributes for both new and existing parts. We can support plastic products for your electronics, hardware, auto, and machinery applications in small and large quantities.  We offer a wide range of resins that support various types of plastic production to meet your specific needs. 


Camtech offers the following services:
• Mechanical design of plastic components
• Rapid prototyping / Stereo Lithography (SLA)
• Tool and Mold design and creation
• Low and High volume manufacturing
• Single and Double Injection
• In-Mold Design                
• Painting, Printing, and Plating

We continually advance our market position by using engineering-grade resins and the latest manufacturing techniques to support precision injection, 2-shot, double injection, insert and over-molding processes. We focus on using advanced techniques to lower costs, eliminate secondary operational steps and improve aesthetics.


The vertically integrated Camtech model gives you access to tools and capabilities to deliver your orders on time with competitive pricing.  We help you lower costs, improve functionality and speed time-to-market.  We pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service as a dependable, innovative and professional organization.