QTA and Volume Production Capabilities

From 100 to 1,000,000 pcs per order, 2 to 36 layers, low tech or difficult HDI designs, Camtech is YOUR volume PCB connection.

• Our engineering team will review your data package and match the right manufacturing partner to specific technology levels and /or order volumes.

• Our customer support specialists can customize the shipment to meet your immediate and long-term needs via overnight, consolidated air and ocean transit from Asia.

• Camtech offers warehousing in Hong Kong, Scottsdale, AZ and Southern California. By utilizing all three warehouses, we are able to completely and effectively provide the most economical and efficient response to each and every order you place with Camtech.

• Pull-ins and push-outs are a daily reality associated with many ever-changing forecasted schedules. At Camtech, we are flexible and globally positioned to make these transitions as seamless as possible for all of our customers.





Domestic QTA / Prototype

Prototypes & QTA (Up to 5m2)

    • Up to 6-layers: standard 3 days – As fast as 24 hours - Plus Transit
    • 8-14 Layers: 3-5 Days- Plus Transit
    • 16 - 24 Layers: 5-7 Days- Plus Transit
    • 26 Layers +: 10 Days- Plus Transit

All above QTA leadtimes do not include transit and assume material availability.They do not include time for engineering questions and can be limited to a maximum lot size.

Off-Shore QTA / Prototype

Prototypes & QTA (Up to 5m2)

    • Double Sided & 4-layers: 3-5 Days- Plus Transit (Overnight delivery from multiple Asian ports to many US cities)
    • 6 – 8 Layers: 5-7 Days- Plus Transit
    • 10 – 18 Layers: 10 Days- Plus Transit
    • 20 Layers +: 14 Days- Plus Transit