Multilayer, Single and Double - Sided PCBs

Camtech offers excellent low-cost, high quality solutions for all of
your single, double-sided and multilayer PCB requirements. At Camtech, we utilize domestic and off-shore factories and our 3 warehouses in Hong Kong, Arizona, and California to consolidate your product for efficient and cost-effective answers to your most difficult logistical / forecasting challenges.

When you choose Camtech as your PCB supplier, you can be certain that our team of sales and engineering professionals will find the right fit for each one of your projects, ensuring that you are getting the right manufacturer to meet your design and production requirements. Our qualified team of Sales and Customer Service Specialists is able to effectively manage your projects by working closely with all of our dedicated manufacturing partners daily across multiple time zones.

Our Quality Engineers can work directly with your design team to ensure manufacturability of new designs, assist in array configurations to maximize panel utilization while minimizing costs and adhering to assembly requirements and bridge the gap from customer to manufacturer when dealing with technical/engineering questions.