PCB Materials and Surface Finishes

At Camtech we pride ourselves in keeping up with the ever changing technology that encompasses pcb manufacturing. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable with today’s basic and advanced levels of laminates and surface finishes. We work closely with our domestic and offshore factories to make sure all our clients’ needs are met or exceeded.


Base Laminate
There are many base laminates available in today’s pcb market. The type of laminate used to make pcbs depends on customer application. Here are some
of the types of materials our suppliers use.

• FR-4 (130C Tg – 210C Tg)
• Rogers
• Teflon
• Polyimide
• BT Resin





Surface Finishes
Surface finishes vary depending on customer specifications and applications. Camtech engineers are very knowledgeable in assisting our clients determine what surface finish is appropriate for their projects. Our factories use some of the following commonly used surface finishes.

• Hot Air Solder Level (HASL)
• Entek
• Immersion Gold
• Electrolytic Gold Plating
• Selective Soft Gold
• Selective Hard Gold (DIMM)
• Immersion Tin
• Carbon Ink
• Lead-Free HASL

Solder masks
Our factories use many different solder masks depending on customer specifications. We offer many different colors depending on customer blueprint callout. Here are some of the colors available.
• Green
• Blue
• White
• Clear
• Black
• Red
• Yellow