Flexible & Rigid-Flex PCB’s

Camtech offers domestic and off-shore prototyping for flexible and rigid-flex circuit designs. We have considerable experience with Flexible and Rigid-Flex bare board manufacturing. We support volume quantities of many flexible PCB designs for OEMs, plus we offer prototype and Quick Turn Around (QTA) orders. Materials include Polyester (Mylar), standard polyimide / KaptonTM with rolled annealed copper, allowing dynamic flex installations. Connector assembly is also available for many flexible circuit designs. Rigid-Flex PCBs utilize a combination of FR4 grade materials sandwiched with polyimide or thin FR4 materials for flex-to-install applications. We have the experience you are looking for when it comes to Flexible and Rigid-Flex designs so give Camtech a call. Electrical and functional testing is available and of course RoHS compliance when required.